Monday, December 28, 2015

Girls Night Out Lookbook

Girls Night Out Lookbook

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December has always been everyone's favorite time (well except those paying bills) but still... we got plenty of time available.No school, No work (for many).Time available to spend catching up with friends and family. With these lookbook get inspiring for all your outfit and be ready to have an amazing time out while you are rocking your outfit.

For today's post my guest post is my friend,Innocientia Yawa. She is thinking of trying do modeling over the holidays and see how things go... I definitely encouraged her to pursue it. I mean why not?... she is beautiful, she is dedicated, very reliable and she is curvy. 

We used her clothes and shoes which are mostly from Mr Price and Legit and the bags are from Accessories and YDE. Sorry that we can not give the details about the clothes, shoes and bags used in the video as we can not remember where they are from and that this is not a sponsored video but just us having fun dressing up and styling. 

Please watch the video bellow and let us know which look was your favorite of all...

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hair treatment/Hair mask

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Thanks to my amazing oil mixture (if you want to know tell me bellow so I'll make a post just for you),I will be able to strech up to my 12 weeks post relaxed.That is my goal 
As part of my regimen,I have to treat my hair with a hair mask once a monthy.I used my favourite hair masque by ORS(it is actually my first) than finish my treatment with Cantu cocunut curling cream as usual after every wash -I know it for natural hair but it smell so good.

I used for my treatment:
  • Hair masque by ORS. Hair masque are for monthly used and have the benefit  to increase the quality of your hair, it strengh and shine. it also helped to manage new growth making softer and detangle hair
  • Cantu Coconut curling cream 
  • a shower cap
  • a cotton T-shirt
  • and a wide tooth detangling comb
Let start...

   1. I started by detangling my hair, than applied the Hair mask to my hair after it was completly wet.This was like a co-wash.

2. I put my hair in a shower cap for about 2 hours -Even though the instruction on the box says 15 min- with the shower cap on.That just how I do it.I feel like it works better for one my hair and also because I don't have a head dryer.That is why.


 3. When time is up, I rinse it off , use a cotton T-shirt to dry my hair instead of a towel ,apply my Cantu crurling cream and let my hair cpmpletely air dry.Afterwords my hair feel so soft and easier to comb especially with my new growth. 

 4. To moisturised I applied my oil mixture( the one I was talking about above)

5. That is all...treatment done! My hair is ready to style!!!

Thank you so much for readying my blog.

Please share with your friends...if you liked my post tell me what you liked?? and also comment below tell me what is your favorite treatment? how do you used it? and what beneficte does your hair get from it.
Please tell me I am curious!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beauty Special

Good day everyone! 

I am Divine.

Welcome to my beauty special post!

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It summer here in SA and my Matric dance/Prom is this weekend soo... I had my nails done witch will be part of my look for both occasions. I choose this colour because I wanted it to match my Relvon lips.I wanted to wear fake nails for a long time but I could not wear them during school time. I went to the salon to get my nails done and I spend R200 including my toes. It took about two hours to finish.

These nails are five days old. I am going to keep them until school re-open ( 12 October) or well they will fall out by themselves.

Thank you for reading. Please Tell me what are your thoughts or if you have a suggesting leave it in the comments section below. 

Until next time, bye! Xoxo

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The reasons why you should wash/shampoo your hair regularly

If you are like me, you enjoy(... well at least most of the time) washing your hair. I usually wash my hair every Saturday( it just convenient for me) I start by using the shampoo than conditioned or apply a egg treatment or once a month use a hair mask afterwards...the point is washing your hair has a lot of benefits which contribute toward your well being as well as your hair's

  • Your hair will always smell good: I hate it when my hair smell bad. it is just uncomfortable that why I always make sure that by Saturday my hair is washed if i am not busy or at the most two weeks. P.S.if you sharing your bed with someone please;please make sure your  hair is clean 

  • When you wash your hair you remove dirt and excess oil: build-up of oils, dirt and sweat  find on your scalp can lead to dandruff  these may result in having a negative impact on your hair growth  rate  as well as  the way your hair look in general

  • Boost your confidence: In general when your hair is washed you become more confident about it than when you know it has not been washed regularly and you know it been a month, you have been doing cardio and it in summer for example

  • Washing your hair make your more  beautiful: This is so true. Try it for yourself, take a before and after washed picture of your hair or ask a friend and compare it. You see that your hair is much better after washed.

Thank you very much for reading. I hope your enjoyed and learn something. If not tell me what you think down on the comment section below. Don't forget sharing is caring please share this with your friends and don't forget to subscribe to my blog. Xoxo

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Relaxed hair update/length check May2015

Relaxed hair update #1/length check May2015

After 17 weeks post relaxed,I decided to relax my hair because I was getting tired of all the growth and also because I wanted to. What an experience I had! anywhere... Now I am 12 days post relaxed! I am loving it!!

I relaxed my hair with my ORS relaxer kit. I usually relax my hair with 2 boxes but I used one this time ( My Mon decided. She is the one who always relax my hair) and it worked pretty well.
last week Friday I did a length check look how slowly I am reaching my goal!
On these pictures my hair is dry, I have applied nothing on my hair.It 90% dry!
I currently can not find any previous good pictures so I could show you the difference because these was the first time I took pictures of my hair from the back. (I didn't have a triple back then) Sorry!!!
I just finish my  T444Z hair product. I used it with my ORS coconut oil .My hair is growing slowly, my shorter side is couching up with the other. 

Thank you very much for reading love you!!! xoxo

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's day!!!

Happy february

February is my favorite month for two reasons; one,because of my birthday and two because of  valentine's day .Just the thought of it makes me excited. It the time to do things diffrently, spice up a little bit more, make an effort for your favorite person. Whether it your Boyfriend, husband , bestie or just any of  your favorite person, use this month to remind them or yourself how much and why you love each other again. From my side, I wish you a happy Valentine's day and thank you for your love.Mwah!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

How to take care of your real hair under box braids

How to take care of your real hair under box braids

Box braids are great way to give your hair a break for a while. They are one of my favorite protective hair style. They require lower maintenance and manipulation which makes it fun, they allow you to take a break from the morning combing and brushing daily.

To protect my hair under my box braids from damages and to keep my braids beautiful I always follow a simple routine. I have been doing this routine for the past three years and it is working perfectly for me so I decided to share it with you. 

What this routine does is, it helps me to keep my braids beautiful for a long time, maintain  good smell and protect my hair from breaking,dandruff ,prevent dryness and tangled braids.

1. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

 Moisturizing is very important. I apply my favorite hair spray moisturizer (You can also use any braids spray or your favorite moisturizer) every morning on my scarf and massage it a bit before I style my braids ,from the first day already.I use easy waves oil sheen.This allows me to prevent dryness, dandruff,breakage  and when I will make it easier to take my braids off easily without pain. 

2. Shine bright!!

The second thing I do after I moisturizer is to apply any food hair to my braids so it will shine, prevent tangle and gives good smell to my braids.I use easy waves coconut hair food.

3. Protect your hair line

Be careful with your hair line by not pulling your hair too tight especially in front because one, it will hurt and two,take your hair away(break).

4. Night care 

For all kind of hair a satin scarf is best for night care. If you struggle to keep your scarf the all night ,don't give up and remember to try different techniques to keep it on the all night. but there is also satin bonnet available if you struggling. I use a satin scarf.

5. Shampoo and conditioner

I usually shampoo and conditioner after a month, unless I was very busy with sport and sweated a lot than only after two weeks. What I do is, I apply shampoo than conditioner to my scarf not my braids, rinse and leave it air dry  than use a hair dryer.
Don't worry washing your braids won't damage your braids but will only give a fresh restart,allowing your scale and your braids to be clean. It also prevent smelly braids and heads and most importantly make you feel amazing.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. until next time, remember to keep your hair healthy by taking care of it. Mwah!!