Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Relaxed hair update/length check May2015

Relaxed hair update #1/length check May2015

After 17 weeks post relaxed,I decided to relax my hair because I was getting tired of all the growth and also because I wanted to. What an experience I had! anywhere... Now I am 12 days post relaxed! I am loving it!!

I relaxed my hair with my ORS relaxer kit. I usually relax my hair with 2 boxes but I used one this time ( My Mon decided. She is the one who always relax my hair) and it worked pretty well.
last week Friday I did a length check look how slowly I am reaching my goal!
On these pictures my hair is dry, I have applied nothing on my hair.It 90% dry!
I currently can not find any previous good pictures so I could show you the difference because these was the first time I took pictures of my hair from the back. (I didn't have a triple back then) Sorry!!!
I just finish my  T444Z hair product. I used it with my ORS coconut oil .My hair is growing slowly, my shorter side is couching up with the other. 

Thank you very much for reading love you!!! xoxo